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Aside from pride of ownership1, there’s only been two benefits I get out of First, I can claim to be the real John Cheng – not that movie director guy in the LA, the gymnastics photographer and all the others posers. Second, I get temporary, limited, tech cred when I refer to it in my resume.

Has has been a complete useless failure2 3? What’s the point of this? Why does it exist?

Let’s retrospective this out.

stop 4

  • overanalyzing and overthinking (unless it’s really about critical thinking and you’re mislabeling such thoughts)
  • not executing (unless you go down the workaholic route)
  • eliminate weak, copycat online social proof ideas. (unless they serve a larger goal)
  • thinking in terms of start, stop, continue. They all inter-relate.


  • finishing.


  • being aware that ideas and habits take time to bake, absorb.
  • organizing. they whole sphere of influence and concern thing.
  • overanalyzing and overthinking and overbrainstorming - remix it; footnote it for future reference.
  • imagining a middle finger to the inner critic and the (currently imaginary) Internet critics.


keep playing around.

  1. not really but it sounds more dramatic this way. kramdown is awesome. Does anyone really read footnotes? 

  2. … and by extension, the domain owner! 

  3. And since failure is good, then it’s been a total success! 

  4. note to self: is there some javascript plugin that lets me generate combinations for this? change the order of blocks of text?