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I’d like to post from my home mac. Ending up resetting my sshkey on github. This blog is jekkyl-based so to launch a local test web server you can do:
bundle exec jekyll serve

… but initially I ran into this:

Retrying dependency api due to error (2/3): Bundler::HTTPError Net::HTTPBadGateway

The fix was:

bundle install --full-index

Now part of this long term jchack experiment is to be ok with veering off onto tangents to extract max value out. The key idea is I don’t know upfront what value there is in further understanding this. It’s somewhat of a gamble and I’ll need to timebound or cap it at 5 minutes to dig further. Without further ado – what does --full-index do?

It “downloads the index all at once instead of making numerous small requests to the api.”

Still why did bundle exec jekyll serve break? Not sure at this point, will have to resume this battle for a later date/time.